PresidentKang Kyung-Hwan Acting President,Kang Kyung-Hwan  [Image]

Personal Information

  • Name: Kang Kyung-Hwan (姜敬煥)
  • Position: President(총장)


  • Graduated from the Department of Public Administration, Korea University (Bachelor's degree, 1990)
  • Graduated from the Department of Historic Preservation, Georgia State University (Master's degree, 2005)
  • Graduated from the Department of Architecture, Mokwon University (Doctorate, 2011)


  • Passed the 35th Administrative Examination (1991)
  • Director of Cultural Heritage Policy, Cultural Heritage Administration (2011)
  • Director of Cultural Heritage Conservation, Cultural Heritage Administration (2013)
  • Researcher, Urban Architecture and Spatial Planning Research Institute (2015)
  • Director of National Intangible Heritage Center, Cultural Heritage Administration (2016)
  • Planning and Coordination Officer, Cultural Heritage Administration (2017)
  • Deputy Director, Cultural Heritage Administration (2021)


  • Research on Conservation and Management of Korean World Heritage Sites (Doctoral dissertation, 2011)
  • Historical City Tourism (co-author, 2012)
  • Conservation of Cultural Heritage: From Basic Principles to Practical Applications (editor, 2014)
  • Why World Heritage? (co-author, 2016)