Dept. of Archaeology

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Dept. of Archaeology

The Complete Spirit and Identity of Modern Culture through Traces of the Past

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Objectives of Education

Students carry out field survey to find cultural artifacts such as living remains, burial ruins, military ruins or communication ruins and excavation survey to identify the true nature of the ruins found. The department nurtures the best specialists who can systematically preserve and utilize cultural heritage. We produce experts in investigating, exploring and analyzing historical sites who identify changes and definition of the culture and restore the past history through field survey of cultural artifacts and excavation survey on buried cultural properties with a sense of duty surrounding history based on systematic training and education.


  • composed of interdisciplinary research including not only archeology but also history, art history and natural science and curriculum necessary for on-site investigation, research and preservation
  • Laboratory and field practice using cutting-edge equipment
  • Local and overseas cultural artifacts research and visit programs