College of Liberal Arts


Culture is a form of communication that cultivates mutual understanding among people and is the process of learning about the diversity of people from both positive and negative aspects and how to communicate with such people. In that sense, the ability of putting yourself in the position of others beyond yourself or being able to imagine about others is the essence of culture. True culture is not about how much knowledge and how many skills you have accumulated in science or arts, but it is about how much you can sympathize and understand other’s joy and sadness in their life. Special areas should exist upon the universal base. We will remain awake so that NUCH’s special area shines on the universal culture.

Objectives of Education

[Purpose of Liberal Arts Education] To contribute to the preservation and recreation of traditional culture

  • Intellectual equipped with knowledge in liberal arts and artistic sensibility
  • Members of Society who are capable of facing modern social issues squarely
  • Experts equipped with problem-solving ability based on scientific thinking