Graduate School

The general graduate school is composed of the Department of Traditional Architecture, which provides advanced academic education, Department of Traditional Arts and Crafts, which transfers and utilizes traditional arts and crafts, Department of Convergence Cultural Heritage, which produces talented professionals equipped with academic ability in the areas of cultural property management, archeology and intangible cultural property studies. Traditional culture includes both tangible and intangible properties with cultural properties among these. It is very important to find the roots of how our culture has changed and developed. Envisioning the future is dependent on knowing today’s fundamentals.

Dept. of Traditional Arts and Crafts

Contribute to the conservation and restoration of our cultural heritage through advanced academic education on traditional architecture

Through deeper education linked with the undergraduate course, the Department of Traditional Arts and Crafts nurtures talents who are equipped with the systematic knowledge and advanced academic research capability necessary for the preservation and restoration of traditional architecture, thereby contributing to the establishment of the identity of traditional architecture cultural heritage and the preservation of original status. [Linked with the undergraduate course]

Dept. of Traditional Architecture

Inherit the beauty of a traditional culture with thousands of years through line, formation and color.

Based on the characteristics of traditional arts and crafts centered on people and skills, students of this department study masters of the skills and the wisdom contained in the materials and tools as well as the technical processes these masters have used for generations in a systematic manner. In addition, we create an inheritance foundation of traditional art and craft skills through creative reproduction and further focus our energy on the realization of the practical modernization of traditional skills that can be applied to our times today.

Dept. of Convergence Cultural Heritage

Complete spirit and identity of modern culture through systematic management and research of cultural heritage.

The Department of Convergence Cultural Heritage cultivates experts who are equipped with social and scientific theories for policy, institution, evaluation, analysis and value creation necessary to preserve, manage and utilize cultural properties and liberal arts theories for survey and research on cultural properties. The department also contributes to the expansion of the new cultural and traditional horizon by researching production principles of traditional crafts and technological culture of masters with an aim to establish the knowledge system based on modern values of intangible heritage and cultivating talents with practical work ability.

Dept. of Convergence Cultural Heritage [Image]Dept. of Convergence Cultural Heritage [Image]Dept. of Convergence Cultural Heritage [Image]